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A aspiring artist from Lisbon, Portugal,origins of Sao Tome and Principe currently living in Oslo. Baba, aka Hugo Pereira Castro, is the main contributor to writing the lyrics and vocals of his songs. Baba started singing in 2004 working with fellow musicians from Lisbon, like the rap and r&b group Manosquad, Baba Bhuda e Conexao and Soul Fresh.

Baba`s global understanding of music enables him to perform in other styles, and makes him one of the few young talents who doesn’t fall into the trap of unoriginality by trying to copy current stars of R & B and Rap. Not that Baba doesn’t appreciate these types of expressions. Baba’s heart and soul is first and foremost focused on vocal performances backed up by innovative and unrestrained soulful acts with roots and influences from Africa and Cap Verde, reggae and the rhythms of Latin American traditions. American soul, gospel, rhythm and blues are needless to say big natural influences on him.

The uniqueness of Baba’s talent is his free approach, playfulness and willingness to explore different ways of expressions. Combining his ambition, passion and dream to perform for diverse audiences, allows him to let people of all walks enjoy his heartfelt warm vocals and seductive performances.

Baba`s dream is in the making. With you as his audience right by his side let this old soul who has lived before, spread peace and love through this young voice. Funk and Soul is alive. Baba music forever!







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